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Operating and Strategic Advisory Board

Albert Martínez

Legal Counsel

Albert holds a Bachelor of Law degree (University of Barcelona, Spain) and also a Juris Doctor of Law degree (accredited by The American Bar Association, USA). He has been a member of the Barcelona Bar Association for more than 10 years and he specializes in Intellectual Property rights, as well as innovation and entrepreneurship, focusing on the Life Sciences and Healthcare. He regularly advises companies in the technological and biotechnological sector, mainly in the area of research and development, as well as in the protection, exploitation and transfer of their technology. He also has extensive experience in litigation and transactions relating to patents, designs, trademarks, trade secrets, know-how and unfair competition. Albert is involved in many technological companies as an external legal advisor. 

Lídia Casas

Patent Attorney

Lídia has a degree in Biochemistry and she is Qualified European Patent Attorney (EQE-2014). She is a professional with 15 years experience in Intellectual Property, especially in the fields of biotechnology and biomedicine. She has held different positions at a university technology transfer office, at a law firm working as patent advisor, in the private sector working as chief IP officer and as a professor in this area. She has gained experience and knowledge in all technical aspects related to patents (e.g. state of the art analysis, patentability and freedom-to-operate reports, patent drafting, patent prosecution, due dilligence) but also in the management of patent portfolios, patent lifecycle and in defining strategies aligned with company's business and research. Besides her knowledge of the European patent system, her knowledge in patent systems of around 20 different countries gives her a global vision. She has recently created her own project of patent consultancy, Patent Riders. Lídia works for Ability Pharmaceuticals as external IP Manager, managing all the aspects of IP of the company.  

Roger Torrent

Grant Applications

Roger Torrent obtained his Chemical Engineering Degree at the Institut Quimic de Sarrià (IQS), Barcelona, and he is currently Senior Consultant for national and international public grants. He joined Inveready in 2012 and his work focuses on identifying, preparing and monitoring public funding for innovative business projects, and R&D lines, both nationally and internationally.
Previously, he worked as a grant manager for 4 years at the biotechnology firm AB-Biotics, a probiotics and pharmacogenetics company in the field of neurospiquiatría, obtaining financing for the development of their projects, and accompanying it from its initial stages until the exit to the alternative stock market. He has also worked as a consultant in the Euro-Funding firm, specialized in obtaining public funds for business development projects.

Esperanza Regueras

Market Research and Strategy Advisor

Esperanza Regueras obtained a degree in Pharmacy at Univerity of Navarra in Pamplona and a MBA at IESE business school in Barcelona. For more than 8 years she has worked as employee in pharmaceutical companies in a multinational environment. In 2004, following its entrepreneurship instints, she founded Axis Pharma firm, specialized in strategic consulting and market research services for pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Axis Pharma has provided its services to more than 20 big multinationals and has helped many biotech companies and R&D groups. Its large experience in a such a innovative sector has provided to her a deep background in innovation and improvement.



Press Release

Ability Pharmaceuticals Announces the Inclusion of the First Patients in a Phase 2b Clinical Trial with ABTL0812 + FOLFIRINOX as First Line Therapy in Advanced Pancreatic Cancer simultaneously in USA and Europe + info

Press Release

The Chinese pharmaceutical company SciClone joins the capital of AbilityPharma with an investment commitment of three million dollars + info

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The antitumoral drug ABTL0812 shows promising results against neuroblastoma + info

Press Release

AbilityPharma receives the approval from the FDA and the AEMPS to start the clinical trial of its molecule against pancreatic cancer in the US and Spain + info

Press Release

AbilityPharma receives a 1.6 million euro grant from the FDA and opens a crowdfunding campaign in Capital Cell + info

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Press Release

AbilityPharma publishes full characterization of mechanism of action of ABTL0812, a Phase II clinical inducer of cytotoxic autophagy in cancer cells, in Autophagy journal + info

Press Release

AbilityPharma awarded €5 million from the Horizon Europe EIC Accelerator Pilot Program to conduct a Phase 2b clinical trial with ABTL0812 in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer + info

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AbilityPharma rises € 3.5 million in a financing round to complete the current oncologic phase 2 clinical trial and license ABTL0812 to an international pharmaceutical company + info
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